We hope that you haven’t missed to sign up for SACC’s annual Christmas Luncheon! Celebrate cherished Swedish Christmas traditions with business associates, family and friends – this year with an outstanding view over the Golden Gate Bridge at Presidio Observation Post.

Featuring a traditional Swedish Lucia procession, Swedish food, beverages, exciting raffles and silent auctions – this exclusive event combines a festive holiday spirit with a great opportunity to socialize, network and build business connections.



The Legend says that this Italian Saint became a part of Swedish history as the province of Värmland experienced a terrible famine in the middle ages. On December 13th, the longest night of the shortest day, a light suddenly appeared on the water. It was a boat filled with food and a beautiful lady in a white gown and crown of lights. The Queen of Lights had come to rescue the Swedish people from starvation. As soon as the ship was unloaded the boat had disappeared.

Eleven nights before Christmas the darkness and snow lays tight,
She wanders around in Her crown of light and gown so long and white.
Who is she this girl with blood red ribbon and hair so long, so fair?
Lucia is here and tonight she sings, beautiful beyond compare.


This year, Lucia and her parade will be honoring the guests of the Christmas Luncheon with choir songs and candle lights at the Presidio Observation Post.


Swedish Christmas Food

Prepare for culinary artistry and an outstanding Swedish Christmas Lunch Buffet!

Swedish people have waited for this amazing food feast since Midsummer. The wait will be worth it, as this year’s Luncheon will have a huge variety of options.