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SACC SF/SV is proud of the many successful, highly skilled members in our network. Sjoeblom Winery, a member since 2000, is our latest highlight in the news. This Napa Valley winery has traditionally only focused on creating sparkling wine. They are now releasing a line of still wines, starting with a 2013 Zinfandel that was launched at Systembolaget in Sweden under the label Chateaux Vadeaux.about-sjoeblom-winery

Sjoeblom Winery is located in the mecca of California’s wine production. Instead of the imagination of a picturesque vineyard between the alleys of vines, we are facing a modern industrial building when we pull over. The building hosts several different wine producers, all sharing the quality mark of being produced in Napa Valley. It is a house full of activity, where Sjoeblom Winery fills 12,000 bottles per day, which will be shipped over to Sweden to enter the shelves of Systembolaget.

Mike Sjoblom, who founded Sjoeblom Winery in 2000, quickly changes my traditional perspective of how a winery is supposed to work. With passion in his voice, he explains the digitalized process of modern winemaking, including how everything is computerized. Nowadays, winemaking is primarily executed in labs. However, he assures us that the new scientific methods are still combined with traditional old-world craftsmanship and time-honored traditions.

“You live many peoples dream life, working and running a vineyard. Why did you decided to start your own vineyard?” sjoeblom

– My interest in wine started in my late teens. I was astonished by the differences in wine; how some could taste so good and others not. This inspired my love of wine, and in the nineties I started experimenting with wine after commuting back and forth between Stockholm and Silicon Valley for business. In 2000 I took the decision to move to beautiful Napa Valley and I haven’t regretted it since then.

“What distinguish Sjoeblom Winery from other wineries?”

– As far as I know, we are the only winery in the world that uses 100% Cabernet Sauvignon when we create our blanc de noirs rosé bubbly. The wine showcases small tiny bubbles in its beautiful golden coral color. We are one of five wineries (out of over 500 wineries) producing sparkling wine in Napa Valley. Sjoeblom Winery is the only one of those 5 sparkling producers that still make its wine by hand. The creation that we are so proud of is called Chauvignon Reserve, and with this carefully crafted sparkling wine from Napa Valley, we think it is important to say;

“All Champagnes are sparkling wines, but not all sparkling wines are Champagnes”

This summer, Sjoeblom Winery released a still wine for the first time, under the label Chateaux Vadeaux.

“How would you describe Chateaux Vadeaux? And when and where can we buy it?”

– For Swedish spoken readers, we have approached the name with some humor. Chateaux Vadeaux, reads “Chateaux What?” using French spelling which Swedes find hilarious. The wine is a blend of 85% Zinfandel, 12% Petite Sirah and 3% Cabernet Sauvignon. Other Zin producers add lots of sugar and coloration to make it sweet and dark. I don’t use any of that. Chateaux Vadeaux is a classic dry California Zinfandel that I love to pair with BBQ, Asian spicy foods, or Tacos. Like the other wine producers in Napa Valley, you deliver high quality wines because you can’t afford anything else.

Mike appeared in the popular show “Landgång” which aired on Swedish national television (SVT1) in September. He toured TV host Anne Lundvall around Napa Valley and showed her and the viewers the charm of Napa Valley. The show was seen by 1 million Swedes on primetime television and can be seen on SVT Play. It paints a great portrait of Napa by not only Mike, but other Swedes in the valley as well.

Sjoeblom Winery is scheduled to release its still wine in the US as well, however it will be under a new label. Mike is a bit secretive about the details of the production, and we all look forward to following the venture in the upcoming months.

Read more about Chateaux Vadeaux here.