Swedes Worldwide is a non-profit, independent organization that, since 1938, acts in the interest of Swedes abroad by monitoring, informing and influencing. We have a unique role as the representative of more than 660 000 Swedes who work, study or for other reasons live abroad, as well as the hundreds of thousands who have lived or will live abroad.

We act as a consultative body on all matters concerning Swedes living abroad. Therefore we have a responsibility in regards to the substantiated answers to ensure that their rights are safeguarded in the various issues that are sent out for referral.

Swedes Worldwide also conducts advocacy and lobbying through contacts with parliamentary parties, authorities, organizations, media and other influencers. We monitor your interests and issues, such as the passport processing, citizenship, taxation, voting, etc.

We also give advice on issues of interest to Swedes living abroad. As a member you have access to our advisors who have special knowledge about pension, tax and legal issues. Through our website, magazine and Facebook we inform you and create contacts between Swedes around the world.