10836564_10153320068743336_1744755098_nYesterday morning we kicked off our new seminar series “Business for Breakfast” with an inspiring presentation by Anna Bjärenäs from CoreBiz Solutions on the topic Digital Branding. A truly energizing way to start the day with some fresh breakfast food, a unique learning opportunity and a chance to network and meet old and new friends.

The second opportunity is coming up on May 7th, when the topic of how to optimize user growth at an early stage in a company’s life cycle will be discussed. With us to speak is former VP of marketing at Wrapp, Lisa Enckell, who will be sharing her experience of how Wrapp grew to a million users faster than renowned sites such as Airbnb and Pintrest.

The third breakfast in the series will take place at the award-winning agency Vantage PR.

Stay tuned for more detailed information on our events page!