Lunch in good company offers local resources to gain and maintain a competitive edge… 

Lunch & Learn LogoThe history of San Francisco is replete with stories describing the rewards of entrepreneurship and hard work. From the rough and tumble Gold Rush days to the forward-thinking, innovative present-day Bay Area, the city and the bay has always found itself riding one wave or another. And so it is not surprising that visionary Swedes come to the Bay Area and  feel a special personal kinship with the spirit of this region: always free-thinking, always changing, even a bit rebellious.

DSC_0568But while the Bay Area vibe is certainly inspirational, it can also be highly competitive. With so many creative people and cutting edge businesses coming to the region from across the world to seek new opportunities and to transform virtual ideas into better realities, what is the best way to ensure that you and your business will stand out and prosper here?

For the past 66 years, the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco/Silicon Valley (SACC-SF/SV) has been helping members and the Swedish business community put their best foot forward in the Bay Area. The Chamber particularly enjoys  providing access to local information, local knowledge and local contacts, so that no time and money is wasted getting quickly up to speed to gain and maintain a competitive edge in the Bay Area.

DSC_0554Chairwoman Charlotte Danielsson comments: “Our events promote ‘Swedish Success Stories’ by providing a forum where our guests can exchange insights and ideas with local entrepreneurs, industry experts, venture capitalists and distinguished professionals on how to effectively grow their ventures. All of our events are planned and tailored towards the needs and interests of our members and the Swedish business community. We like providing ample opportunities for our guests to advance their business skills in a convivial atmosphere.”

Following the success of the interactive Global Questions, Local Answers workshop series, the Chamber is launching a new event series this fall called “Lunch&Learn.” In a series of relaxed informational sessions followed by a Q&A, guests will enjoy a nice lunch in good company while expanding their knowledge regarding a variety of topics, including how to improve their networking skills, how to become better communicators and how to optimize social media marketing.

DSC_0519The Chamber also hosted its second Born Global Venture Lab on August 26, offering additional opportunities for participants to learn, connect and exchange ideas as a panel of veteran venture capitalists groomed the next generation of cutting edge entrepreneurs from Chalmers University of Technology’s Born Global program.

“We have an exciting slate of business and cultural events and programs planned for the fall, including our traditional and much appreciated Christmas Luncheon at the Fairmont Hotel on December 12. I am very much looking forward to meeting old friends and making new acquaintances at these events; to connect and exchange ideas,” says Charlotte.

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