Risley Sams, founder and president of San Francisco based investment management firm RHS Financial, tries to live his life according to Thomas Jefferson’s principle: “never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” He offers this advice to clients when encouraging them to develop an “engaged relationship” with their financial advisor and envision longterm goals that can give them a clear idea of the purpose behind their investments.

Risley SamsMr. Sams, a member of SACC-SF/SV, spent years serving as a financial advisor at major brokerage houses before deciding to set up his own investment management firm. As an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), he takes pride in taking the time to understand each of his client’s life goals and building “customized wealth accumulation and distribution plans” to fit their needs.

“At RHS Financial, we feel lucky to have the opportunity to help our clients engage with their financial advisor in order to invest for things that matter most to them, like sending their children to the best schools, planning their retirement, maximizing philanthropic donations and establishing a financial legacy.”

RHS Financial employs the very best software tools to help see and manage a client’s entire “real-time financial picture” including 401K holdings, stock options, and other outside accounts. This modus operandi allows the company to do real-time updates of clients’ financial plans to make sure investments are in always alignment with risk tolerance. In addition to investment management and financial planning, Sam’s company also provides video newsletters to help clients stay abreast of global market fluctuations and their affects on investor portfolios.

While Risley maintains that it is ultimately the client that is in the driver’s seat, he appreciates his role as that of financial “navigator,” leveraging his knowledge of the market and financial planning. He particularly enjoys guiding investors through what he sees as the financial fog of an industry “riddled with jargon and complexity.”

“We like to view our clients as entrepreneurs building their own wealth start ups. Building a framework for financial success is not just about building wealth, it is about how you build it, what you stand for and the brand you emboss on it.”