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Sometimes it can be a bit more difficult for Swedes away from home to keep up to date with the latest going-ons in Swedish politics. But with the run up to the Swedish general election in September, SVT World is making it a lot easier for Swedish expatriates to keep up to date. By augmenting its already extensive political coverage, SVT World will make it possible for Swedes living abroad to smoothly navigate the twists and turns of the current Swedish political landscape while being made aware of the key socio-economic challenges facing Sweden today.

SVT 1SVT World subscribers no doubt have already made a habit of following Swedish politics by tuning in to high-profile news programs like “Rapport”, “Aktuellt”, “Agenda”, “Gomorron Sverige” and “Debatt.” SVT World will now present a number of special election cycle programs to follow the debate on jobs, the labor market and the Swedish economy in addition to broadcasting a number of in-depth discussions and inquiries with a panoply of party leaders. SVT World will of course provide comprehensive coverage of the political duel between prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt (M) and the leader of the opposition, Stefan Löfven (S), the final debate and nationwide coverage on election day.

In addition to SVT World’s more conventional political coverage, the network will also provide in depth, alternative angles on the contemporary Swedish political debate: in “Anders tar parti,” popular comedian Anders Jansson travels across Sweden to discover the roots of the political parties and examines what happens when political ideology is put into political practice; in “Samirs Sverige”, foreign correspondent Samir Abu Eid returns to Sweden, after a four year hiatus, to explore what has happened in the home country while he has been away. Samir takes a personal journey through Sweden and the places that have played an important part in his life, showing scenes from everyday Swedish life. He also searches out the Middle East in Sweden – examining the impacts of the Arab spring and successive conflicts on contemporary Swedish society.

SVT TV flaggaWith SVT World’s comprehensive election coverage, both conventional and not so conventional, the Swedish expatriate continues to be at home when abroad.


SVT World is currently offering a special opportunity for viewers in North America: new customers are offered the required set-top-box, (value $154) free of charge when ordering a 12-month subscription.

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