The SACC-USA Trainee Program & J-1 Visa Service offers companies located in the US the opportunity to host highly qualified Trainees/Interns from Sweden on a J-1 Visa. SACC-SF/SVs Corporate Membership gives exclusive access to the SACC J-1 visa Trainee Program, offering companies the opportunity to host highly qualified, mature and bilingual trainees from Sweden, eager to take part in accelerating your business. SACC-SF/SV also hosts trainees, in PR & Communications, Marketing & Social Media, Finance & Partnerships, Events & Business Relations.

For the trainees, a training program in the US is the opportunity of a lifetime. You will have the opportunity to advance your theoretical knowledge and skills, acquiring key insights from the American market and business culture. SACC-USA will guide you through the application process and assist with the necessary documentation, making the entire process easy and fast.


SACC Trainee Program includes:

  • Trainees who have found a host organization through SACC-USA
  • Trainees at SACC Regional Chambers
  • Trainees who have found a host organization by themselves
  • Swedish students writing their Bachelors or Masters theses for a US company
  • Employees of Swedish companies who need to go to the US for training with a mother company, subsidiary or business/joint venture partner