The outbreak of covid-19 has – together with megatrends like an aging population and
demographic changes – opened up the U.S. market for digital health providers like our newest
member Aegle Technologies. The outbreak of covid-19 marked a paradigm shift demanding
everyone to turn into the digital landscape to shape the next normal. During this time of
transition, businesses operating within the med-tech sector are forced to adapt to extraordinary
circumstances to serve their patients. Being agile and solution-oriented, Aegle Technologies
enable treatment from home in the midst of the pandemic.

Focusing on the heart of the problem
Aegle Technologies consists of a purpose-driven international team with roots in Sweden, India,
Turkey, and the U.S. The Chamber had the pleasure of talking to Asmen, co-founder and CEO.
While at the end of an internship in Silicon Valley, Asmen received a phone call from Sweden
saying his father, who had been perfectly healthy his entire life, was terminally ill. Asmen
packed his bags and went back home and was facing a reality hard to digest. “I immediately felt
that I needed a way to help others avoid having to go through the same experience”. Research
shows how essential it is for cardiac patients to participate in a professional rehabilitation
program, but it is difficult when you are scared and still in shock.”
Asmen talked to his former
roommate in San Francisco – who was the CTO of a startup – and a doctor he knew in Turkey
– with 30 years of specialist experience in rehabilitation and cognitive behavioural therapy.
Soon after, they founded Aegle Technologies together.

With a strong sense of responsibility to help others, Asmen and the team are determined to
contribute to the treatment of patients with coronary artery disease, the leading cause of death
in the U.S.. “The heart of the problem is bad habits and an unhealthy lifestyle that has
accumulated over time”
, says Asmen and replicates how cardiac rehabilitation has the impact
of vastly decreasing the risk for heart attacks. Asmen discusses how studies provide evidence
for how the quality of life and psychological condition of patients participating in rehabilitation
tend to be improved, although these programs are likely to be underused. “The real challenge
lies in getting the patients to commit for a long time”.

Orchestrating a cycle of support
Aegle Technologies is a Swedish med-tech startup aiming to facilitate and increase adherence
to cardiac rehabilitation for heart patients in the United States. In addition, they are also
leveraging the power of digital to increase adherence to cardiac rehabilitation programs.
Aegle Technologies facilitates rehabilitation in a platform, orchestrating a cycle of support for
the individual patient. The rehabilitation is designed as a stepwise process, consisting of
expertise-led phases leading the patient from an initial evaluation of the present condition to a
result-based and personalized program. This process is finalized with physiotherapy sessions.
Led by experts, these live-streamed group sessions provide treatment where
the patients can act as partners and support in each other’s development. Asmen emphasizes
the value of the group sessions and the sense of shared accountability among the members as it
has a significant contribution to the development of the individual patient, “The sense of
accountability towards others will most likely increase the participation rate”
. Asmen also
highlights the importance of a holistic approach and emerging technologies – by applying AI,
Aegle Technologies aim at not only identifying optimal rehab programs based on health
characteristics, but automate cognitive behavioral therapy to increase participation
rates. Communicated as “You are not alone in your journey”, the group sessions put the well-
being of the patients in the center of the treatment. Besides that, Aegle Technologies also make
educational content and self-help articles available to increase awareness on the disease.

Strengthening the ties with the cross-cultural business landscape
Finding and improving solutions in an accelerating pace does not seem like a challenge for
Aegle Technologies. Having finished seed funding led by KPMG at a company valuation of
2.3M USD, the aim is now to raise more capital and gain increased visibility. Having appointed
the former CEO of SACC-SF/SV, Margaretha Levander as a board member, Aegle
Technologies are strengthening their ties with the cross-cultural business landscape of San
Francisco. With the expectations to get in touch with potential investors, collaborations and
talent, Aegle Technologies has joined the chamber as a Small Business Partner. We are more
than excited about following their journey.

Please find the Aegle Technologies website linked below where you can find out more about
their programs. If you would like to find out more about SACC-SF/SV corporate partners,
please enroll in our monthly newsletter or contact us for more information about our
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Clara Ramshage

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