It has been proven over and over again that video is the most effective medium to influence consumers. It has the ability to bring life to a product, to create emotions, to clarify complexity, and to form a connection to the customer. This is something our Small Business Partner, Armstrong Film, is well aware of.

 I cannot emphasize enough the impact the film format has when it comes to engaging an audience. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, a film has 24 pictures per second. You do the math.

Johan Ring, Director, Armstrong Film

With over 20 years’ experience of helping clients build their brands in Stockholm, Armstrong Film has now branched out across the Atlantic setting up business in Palo Alto. They aim to help startups and other businesses on limited budgets, pitch their ideas to angels and venture capitalists through film.

If you are considering a launch or an IPO, having a professional presentation of your product or idea could be crucial for its success. Also, new technology has made filmmaking very cost-efficient compared to what it used to be.

Philip Karlberg, Executive Producer, Armstrong Film

To keep costs and time consumption at a minimum, Armstrong Film often works directly with the client, handling the entire production line. This appealed to Switch/r, a startup with a platform enabling people to invest in solar panels, who needed to present their idea in a crowdfunding campaign. This is how it turned out:

We ended up funding 260 % of our initial goal and getting 186 new investors onboard. I am completely certain that the movie did most of the work making the campaign successful. Armstrong Film really went the extra mile on making our production possible, I would absolutely use them again!

Simon Uldén, CEO, Switch/r 

If you want to have a sneak peak of some of Armstrong Film’s other productions, check this out:

And if this inspired you to maybe producing a company presentation, TV commercial or sales pitch of your own, please feel free to contact Philip,, or Johan,