The newly started company, Funders USA, has a vision. The founder Peter Stridh wants to accelerate the capital flow to new, innovative technology-driven initiatives that have a positive impact on the world.

After having spent the past seven years in global executive roles at the IT-distribution company Ingram Micro, Peter Stridh decided to start his own company. Last year, he established Funders USA, with the vision to use crowdfunding to accelerate the capital flow to innovative technology-driven initiatives that have a positive impact on the world.

“We will be looking for businesses that create jobs, or in other ways, use new technologies in ways that benefit the community, whether it is partnering on projects to address the homeless situation or general initiatives to bring the local economy back”, said Stridh.

Stridh expects most initiatives they finance to be either cloud or device-based and that the vast majority will hold some patents or IP in the area of artificial intelligence and robotics.

“As we go through the initial capital raising pilot over the next few months, we will gradually introduce more companies during Q3, and also move to a stronger focus of companies in our niche”, Stridh said.

Funders USA will work closely with both the founders of the startups that they finance and local communities and regions. Equity financing is, according to Stridh, the key to job creation in all US areas, and the plan is to raise capital in several states. 

“I am a big believer that business is more successful and valuable for all parties when you take a long-term, broader perspective,” Stridh said.

The business networks and partnerships between Sweden and the US have always been secure, and Stridh expects that to remain the case for artificial intelligence and robotics.

“We are just at the early inception of a large industry transformation, similar to the introduction of the Internet back in the ’90s.” 

Funders USA wants to work with Swedish entrepreneurs coming to the US looking to raise capital for growing their startups here.”

“Across the US, there are about 50 companies approved by FINRA/SEC to act as Funding Portals under Regulation Crowdfunding, but we will be the only one specialized in this particular niche.”

Stridh has assembled a robust advisory team with former senior executives holding in-depth industry knowledge of valuations, business models, and capital raising. 

Funders USA recently joined the Chamber in San Francisco as a business member.