We are happy to welcome a new Small Business Partner to the SACC network!

CapsoVision is a medical device innovator, specializing in diagnostic imaging of the gastrointestinal system. Their award-winning device, CapsoCam Plus, is a bowel capsule endoscope – not much larger in size than a pain reliever capsule – which captures a patented 360-degree panoramic view of the gastrointestinal tract. Instead of having to undergo uncomfortable and time-consuming procedures at a clinic, patients can simply swallow a capsule and let it pass through the body. The images are retrieved via wireless data transfer and downloaded for a physician to review.

Many people neglect colorectal screenings because of the physical and mental discomfort of an examination. The CapsoCam system is intended to provide an patient preferred option and eliminate the reluctance to undertake possibly life-saving checkups.

Mikael Trollsås, Senior Director, Colon Capsule Development, CapsoVision

With a mission to empower physicians and patients with the most innovative, user friendly and cost effective medical devices the team at CapsoVision is leapfrogging the future of the endoscopy industry and is continuously looking to find skilled professionals to join the company. One way of doing that is by recruiting interns from the prestigious Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden.

Thanks to SACC’s academic connections, and visa programs, we will hopefully be able to host one or two interns from Chalmers University this year.

Mikael Trollsås

If you too are interested in finding out more about our collaboration with Chalmers University of Technology, contact the SACC team.