Happy Holiday wishes from SWECO!

Our member Per-Arne Jönebring’s current project was the first tram ever to traffic the Bromma airport on Sunday morning. We’re happy that SWECO keeps us moving!

The future, which can sometimes feel distant in the rest of society, is very much present at Sweco. Ongoingly, Sweco plans and designs the sustainable communities and cities of the future. The result of Sweco’s work will be sustainable buildings, efficient infrastructure, and access to electricity and clean water. Right now, Sweco’s architects are drawing on what will be a lively and dynamic new district in about 15 years. Being one step ahead is Sweco’s job. The result will be real for most others in the future.

Sweco is the leading consulting company in technology and architecture in Europe. With 17,500 employees in Europe, the company offers its customers the right skills for every context and carry out assignments in 70 countries every year.

Read more about SWECO’s projects and vision here: https://www.sweco.se