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Data, Pharma & Fika with Stephanie

This is a thought leading podcast aimed to share knowledge, experience and expertise mainly in the fields of Data and Pharma, all while doing it over Fika – an important part of Swedish coffee culture. Throughout this podcast we will invite some of the brilliant minds in the industry to shed some light and decode some very interesting and current topics. So, bring your coffee, tea or whatever you prefer and join us for Fika.

“Machine Learning can help in a Pandemic”

The brilliant mind of this episode is Mats Jirstrand who is an Associate Professor in Automatic Control and the Head of the Systems and Data Analysis Department at Fraunhofer Chalmers Centre, and the topic is Machine learning. Mats explains what machine learning is and how it can be applied in the pharma industry and specifically in a pandemic. We touch upon some ethical aspects of using machine learning and discuss how Fraunhofer Chalmers Centre handle that and furthermore Mats explains what collaborations they have.

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