Pediatric Dental Initiative is a crucial source of dental care for low-income families in California. Even though the coronavirus has forced the clinic to limit their open hours, they are still treating kids with severe dental problems.

The non-profit Pediatric Dental Initiative of the North Coast (PDI), based in Windsor, is an indispensable resource for families who can’t afford specialized dental care. 

Now the clinic is due to the coronavirus outbreak working with a minimum of employees, according to CEO Viveka Rydell-Anderson.

“We are still treating kids with severe dental caries and infections, while these problems could become life-threatening, we are seeing six patients every second week.”

To continue the work, PDI depends on donations from the public, please see the links below.

“We urgently need money to buy toothbrushes and toothpaste,” Viveka Rydell-Anderson explained.

Since 2008, PDI Surgery has treated nearly 23,000 disadvantaged children from almost half of all the counties in California and some from outside the state. These children suffer such severe tooth decay that they require oral surgery under anesthesia. The age of the clinic’s average patient is three years, and the average number of teeth requiring intervention is 12. A healthy child has 20 teeth.

Viveka Rydell-Andersson is a former board member of SACC-SF/SV. 


Writer: Margaretha Levander