The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco & Silicon Valley is pleased to have hosted two events with Moore Global US Tax Services to simplify the tax return process for our members moving to the US from Sweden as the US tax system comes as an unwelcome culture shock.

Our webinars with Moore Global US Tax Services was covering the topics of: 

  • Seven red flags of US taxation to consider held on (15 September 2020)
  • Understanding Your US Tax Return held on (11 February 2021)

Here are a few of the main key takes away points from the webinars: 

  • Take a humble and conservative approach against your US tax return filing requirements
  • Make sure to seek advice if you have a foreign income and asset
  • Be aware of the deadlines to avoid unnecessarily penalties 
  • Make sure to consider state filing obligations 

The event panelists Linus Östberg, Joel Uddenäs, and Gus Sinclair at Moore Global US Tax Services have a vast knowledge of the Swedish, British, and US tax systems and shared their extensive experience and advisory including compliance services for US persons, non-US persons moving to the US, US investors investing overseas, and non-USinvestors investing in the US.

The attendees and panelists attending the events were very pleased with the interactive webinar; especially because the attendees were able to share their personal proposals for consultation during the event and panelists was pleased to assist. 

We understand that US filings are complicated and want to break these down to their simplest form for a better understanding.”

 – Joel Uddenäs, International Tax Manager at Moore Global US Tax Services.

If you are looking for more information about future events, please enroll in the monthly Newsletter from the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce or find more information about tax inquiries at Moore Global US Tax Services. 


Joel Uddenäs