We are thrilled to announce our latest membership level, a unique offering for Swedish and other foreign startups and scale-ups having the ambition to break into the US market. 

Here at SACC SF/SV’s, our main function is to bridge and strengthen growth and collaboration opportunities between Sweden and the US market (San Francisco/Silicon Valley). With the natural inclination and acceleration of tech in this region, we have discovered great opportunities for invaluable partnerships, collaborations, and growth. 

The Swedish startup scene is growing rapidly with an outstanding reputation reaching the investor scene in the Bay Area. However, despite efforts from organizations all around to connect these startups with opportunities for scalability in the US market,  a need has been identified for a more comprehensive and concrete guide.

By analyzing the startup trajectory here in the Bay Area and comparing it to the scene and trajectory of Sweden, we were able to dissect the enigmatic questions surrounding ‘success’ within this space and identified what is often considered as the missing piece of the go-to-market-USA- puzzle. What Swedish startups wanting to start serving the US market are missing is a guide and strategy addressing each and every step of the way – from leaving their hometown in Sweden to setting up a legal entity in San Francisco and getting their business going and their products into the US market.

As such, we have created a new initiative, utilizing our fantastic network of experts, including legal counsel, accountants, and SF based Swedish companies, and put together a package that will help startups at any stage with a comprehensive step-by-step strategy for how to transition from Sweden, and break into and ultimately disrupt the US market. 

”We are incredibly excited to have built what we consider the missing link in the Swedish-American startup ecosystem and look forward to this ongoing commitment to facilitating world-class opportunities for Swedish innovators.” 

Ronja Lodmark, Corporate Strategy at SACC-SF/SV

We call our new package Kick-Start USA, and it will comprise a comprehensive ‘how-to guide’ with all the information needed for a startup to set up a presence in the US. The package also includes strategies for how a Swedish startup might market themselves to attract a US audience. It will also include guides on obtaining funding, getting in contact with investors and VC’s, and a guide to essential networking opportunities, competitions, and events. The package will also mean inclusion in the SACC SF-SV’s network through the unique ‘Startup’ membership level. This, in turn, means that the startups will receive personalized support from a network consisting of Swedish and American companies, advisors, and individuals. Being part of this network allows the startups to collaborate, enter into partnerships and get support from entities already present in the Bay Area. 

Learn more and apply here: https://www.sacc-sf.org/become-a-partner/