Moving to the US from Sweden, where you can approve your already-filled-in tax form on your phone in seconds, the US tax system will come as an unwelcome culture shock. The amount of time and knowledge needed just to file your own, personal taxes, is hard to fathom. Add to that if you own, or invest in, a company. And again, if your business is international. Luckily, there is help to get. Because being able to navigate through the maze of tax legislation can save you a lot of money and avoid unnecessary penalties.

At SACC-SF/SV we are thrilled to welcome Moore Global US Tax Services to our network. Linus Östberg and Joel Uddenäs are native Swedes, living and working in London, with a vast knowledge of the Swedish, British, and US tax systems. They have extensive experience with advisory and compliance services for US persons, non-US persons moving to the US, US investors investing overseas, and non-US investors investing into the US. Knowing how the different tax systems work, they can better understand and help their clients.

“For many it’s a relief to discuss these matters with someone who not only speaks their maternal language, but who can also relate to the different tax systems and processes. If you’re a Swede filing US taxes for the first time, we feel your pain! We understand your situation and we will help you every step of the way”, Joel Uddenäs, International Tax Manager, said.

Moore Global US Tax Services’ clients come from a wide variety of backgrounds (e.g. tech start-ups, private equity, entrepreneurs, artists/musicians, and athletes). The wide range of clients, whom all have different situations and desires, requires a broad knowledge of the US tax system and the impact of an international lifestyle.  

The firm is part of one of the largest accounting and consulting networks in the world, Moore Global Limited. The network’s roots traces back more than a century. Today, it consists of 260 independent member firms in 110 countries, with over 30,000 people dedicated to delivering international solutions for their clients’ tax, accounting, audit, and consulting needs. This global reach provides clients with rapid access to the right people, in the right places.

Within the network, there are approximately 40 international US tax professionals, based in Europe and the US. They provide a full range of international US tax technical skills in a variety of languages.

“The diversity of our team ensures that we have the expertise and practical knowledge to find the optimal solutions to issues individuals and businesses face”

Linus Östberg, Director, said.

On September 15, it will be possible to get acquainted with Joel and Linus as they are hosting our webinar “Seven red flags of US tax to consider”. Make sure to sign up Here for some valuable knowledge. If you have any other tax-related questions, either personal or corporate, Joel and Linus ensure that you can reach out at any time.

“We’ll be here for you whenever you need us – to help you see through the jungle of information, to guide you in your decisions, and to make sure you take advantage of every opportunity.”