Marquis Advisory Group is a global, growth strategy, business management firm. Its’ primary expertise is collaborating with client’s successful, efficient entry into the U.S. and to other countries. Founded in 1993 in San Francisco, its first domestic client was Silicon Valley Bank and first international client was a Sydney, Australian cancer research center traded on both the Australian ASX and the U.S. Nasdaq. Most recently, the company has announced an increased focus on environmental projects. Fred Ledbetter, a Marquis member, is leading Ocean Pasture Restoration, a project to bring back declining fish populations while creating blue carbon credits. A second environmental project will be announced that is headed by Dr. Steve Meller, that is focused on conversion of red seaweed into a cattle food supplement that significantly reduces methane exhaust.

Marquis creates the unique keys to open the barrier doors to success

Steve Anderson is the founder and Managing Director of the firm which moved its headquarters to Philadelphia in January 2020 while retaining a presence in the San Francisco Bay Area thru Paul Falchi, based in Berkeley, CA and Shmuel Silverman, based in Novato, CA. The firms Chair of its Advisory Board, Victoria Willock, recently moved from San Francisco to LaQuinta, CA. Marquis’ team members reside and operate in The Hague, Netherlands; Moscow, Russia;

Brisbane and Sydney, Australia and Jerusalem, Israel. U.S. representations outside of San Francisco are: Minneapolis, MN; East Lansing, Ml; Ashland, N.C.; Las Vegas, Nevada and Kinnelon, N.J.

Before establishing Marquis, Steve held executive management positions with two Fortune 500, global companies in Philadelphia assigned to organizational strategy and operational efficiency. Prior to that he was a journalist with The New York Times and McGraw-Hill. Today he also serves as Chairman of Clearlnsight Systems Inc. an IT software company serving major U.S. government agencies. (

“Collaboration and commitment from start to success are Marquis core standards”

Marquis founder’s original reason for joining SACC SF/SV was to emerge himself in the culture of his grandfather, Herman G. Anderson, a thoughtful influence and a founder of Empire Case Goods, a furniture manufacturer in Jamestown, New York.

As a proud partner in SACC SF/SV, Marquis focuses on engaging in projects that SACC members can participate in and that demonstrate SACC’s commitment to the future of the U.S., Sweden and its members. The latest project with SACC of SF/SV and Philadelphia is an actively engaging mentor program for the Interns serving the two chambers. Mentors are selected and recruited from the most appropriate professionals in SACC and known to SACC members. The program’s purpose is to provide the talented, Swedish students with individual, professional mentor guidance into the next giant step they will be taking into their chosen, professional world.

The mentor program is performed in 6 months, starting in January to June. During this time, the SACC interns worked closely with a professional business mentor. The mentor had to consider the best way to quickly find out the Interns real strengths and weaknesses, as well as real deep interests where satisfaction resides versus a standard work path objective. The interns got help with any of their concerns regarding what potential steps to make of selecting potential employers, preparing for interviews, and post-interview critique to hinder possible mistakes. The business professional mentor’s object would be to act as a support and generate preparation guidelines in these steps.

Several benefits of taking part in the mentor program are to gain practical advice, encouragement, and support, learn from the experiences of others, increase your social and academic confidence, become more empowered to make decisions, develop your communication, study and personal skills, develop strategies for dealing with both personal and academic issues, identify goals and establish a sense of direction, gain valuable insight into the next stage of your university career, make new friends across year groups.

Steve Anderson, the originator of the mentor program interviewed all interns to get to know their background and wisely handpick a mentor. Some interns say their participation delighted them into new pathways and opened up doors they did not know existed. Having a mentor in another country involved considering the time change and cross-cultural barriers. Schedule and participate in one-and-one meetings, raise a voice, seek help and guidance are traits and characteristics a future employer values highly and is developing and strengthening. 

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Malin Lindholm
Communication & Brand Management