The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco & Silicon Valley wants to shine a light on Camille Selhorst, a local artist who evokes inner beauty to flourish with her fine artworks.

Camille lives outside of San Francisco and works from her beautiful studio in Healdsburg, California. Her art is found in local spaces, has been exhibited in international galleries, and has been sold to collectors worldwide. Camille’s art captures the spirits of living purposefully and the grandness of life. She finds inspiration in the natural landscape of Sonoma County, California, where she grew up and remembers, as a child, running barefoot through the fields of mustard flowers and picking apples from the neighboring orchard.

The Chamber had the pleasure of meeting Camille for a special interview to share her story. Camille has naturally held high ambitions, good intentions and has always been a high achiever. Her creativity started from a young age with parents who enjoyed making art as a hobby. She made pottery sculptures with her father and began to paint in her parent’s garage. She never had a clear vision of having her own art business one day, but it has unfolded naturally. Her signature paintings portray women in emotion and unfurling flowers. She uses various mixed media materials, including pastels with bright, vibrant tones, and exhibits both a combination of realism and abstraction in her paintings. Her final touch is to add oil paint and 24 karat gold leaf. She accompanies every painting with a written poem composed in the process of creating the piece.

Keywords which she lives by “Receive, open, love, shine” 

– Camille Selhorst

Camille went to the University of British Columbia and began a career in psychology. Every time she took a step away from painting, she recognized how essential it was in her life. In this way, art and painting came to have a more essential and central role in her life. When Camille was living in Canada during her years at University, she missed the natural landscape of California and bought silk flowers to put in her hair when skiing through the wintertime.

To Camille, a flower has greater importance than its beauty. It is a metaphor for strength and the ability to grow through anything, even the cracks in the cement. In a world with contrasts, Camille’s paintings bring splashes of colors and unrestrained expression. Her work is a true reflection of her identity and values. Every sold piece of art comes with a unique piece of poetry. Her next project is an extensive series of mixed media abstract floral works inspired by spring blossoms and California flowers’ colors.

All of Camille’s paintings can be found on her online website with free shipping in the United States. Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce members will be given a discount.

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It has been great to speak with Camille. We wish her continued success in the future!

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Happy Spring!

Camille Selhorst

Malin Lindholm
Communication & Brand Management