Marquis Advisory Groups’ commitment to engage in Sweden is directly related to the founder Stephen Anderson’s grandfather’s immigration to America. Anderson’s grandfather originally came from Falköping in Sweden to Jamestown, New York, to become a successful furniture manufacturer.

Marquis Advisory Groups’ commits to its clients and takes responsibility with them to fully participate in solving growth barriers, business analysis, developing and executing a plan. Marquis helps through the whole process, instead of what is usually the case; independently providing a high-level plan and leaving management to execute alone.

It is Marquis view that every aspect of a company’s organization process is linked and must achieve the highest level of quality in order to succeed with each other and the company’s customers.

This concept was first trialed by Marquis In 1993, then operating as Six Sigma Group LLC, when its founder Steve Anderson moved to San Francisco. He came to apply his east coast experience as an employee within two different Fortune 500 corporations headquartered in Philadelphia in which he played a pivotal role of realigning their organization in order to achieve more beneficial strategic plans.

The firm’s first client in the Bay Area was Silicon Valley Bank during its own organizational restructuring. Multiple assignments over the next two years matched Steve’s corporate experience – professional and shareholder management; sustaining customer confidence; applying TQM and building and strengthening employee culture.

These combined experiences confirmed the value to clients of the engagement model of taking responsibility with management.

For the next 25 years, Marquis has introduced and engaged in contributing to many non-U.S. firms to a path of success. Clients have come from Australia, Europe, Indonesia and Singapore, and the United States.

Marquis’ resources today include international affiliations in Spain and Australia with firms providing complimentary commercial networks, internal professional skills and our own U.S. Advisory Board of professionals in e-commerce, M & A, Marketing, AI analysis in finance, and technology management.