We are happy to add a new Business Partner to our network, Probiznet. By doing so, we are in fact adding an entire network. Because much like the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce, Probiznet focuses on networking, creating events, and arranging professional meetings and business trips.

“We believe that getting people to meet and exchange experiences and innovative ideas, is the foundation of development and growth”

Ola Johansson, Co-founder and Partner, Probiznet

Probiznet’s activities usually revolve around the areas of digitalization and HR, and more often than not they are a combination of the two. They offer training in leadership, business, and team development. The company is also involved in a variety of investments around the world, contributing with both knowledge and funding.

“We are constantly looking for new, innovative and future-oriented projects and concepts. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a serious and committed partner.”

Ola Johansson, Probiznet

The company is based in Sweden, with offices in Stockholm and Växjö, but its team is very familiar with San Francisco and Silicon Valley, having arranged networking trips for the IT industry to the area since 2013. This March, they are visiting us with a group of HR Managers and entrepreneurs within digital development and HR Tech. The purpose of the trip is to look at the latest trends, exchange experiences, expand their network, and find new possible business partners.

On March 19, Probiznet and SACC co-hosted the event HR Trends and How They Affect Business. The audience got valuable tips and inspiration from our panel of HR experts and they got a chance to network with some of the Swedish HR Managers and CEOs attending the event.