MeeCable is a Swedish R&D company that has developed a groundbreaking cable technology. CEO and founder, Camilla Luthman, strongly believes that the results of their patented manufacturing process will revolutionize the cable industry and earn them a unique spot in the global market.

It all started when Camilla Luthman was introduced to a small, handmade piece of cable by the researcher and inventor, now Chief Scientific Officer, Thomas Tullholm. He had discovered an ingenious manufacturing process that produced an effect never before observed. The effect, now coined the TH-Effect after Thomas Tullholm, is created by galvanically combining copper strands around a core of aluminum. This leads to decreased voltage drop in the cable and it reduces the magnetic field emitted from it in a way that was previously unknown to science. 

The results of our tests were so mind-blowing we could hardly believe them ourselves. We have now created our own test protocol and we, and other laboratories, have tested the same thing repeatedly. We have reached the same extraordinary results every time,

Says Camilla Luthman.

The technology results in low electromagnetic interference and an improved electromagnetic performance with a reduced leaking magnetic field. Simply put, it is more effective than your standard cable. It is also lighter, more flexible, and cheaper to produce. MeeCable has patented its technology throughout Europe and the United States, and it will soon be patented in additional markets such as India and Japan.

The company is developing its products to meet the specific needs of different industries. The reduced electromagnetic interference makes it a perfect fit for the telecommunications sector, the growing solar industry as well as the military.

Solar came first, together with power cables for the telecommunications industry. We are currently developing and testing the technology together with military contractors, both government and private, Camilla Luthman said.

The cable industry is traditional and operates at a slow pace. Groundbreaking ideas are few, and far apart. This makes for a given position in the marketplace for a small, innovative company such as MeeCable. Camilla Luthman explained that their vision is to radically redefine the entire cable industry. 

We want to create the cables of the future, using a technology that is green, effective and really pushing science forward!

At SACC, we are thrilled to welcome this pioneering, Swedish company to our network. Since MeeCable is growing and actively looking for co-operations and license manufacturing agreements in the US, please feel free to reach out to if you have any leads.