Mikael Kretz

QGroup is a rapidly growing group of highly specialized IT consultancy companies. Founded only seven years ago, QGroup has already grown to include 26 companies in 13 cities in Europe and North America. Over 420 employees deliver specialized IT services within a variety of fields; Medical​, Travel, Public Sector, Retail, Security & Defense, Energy, Research & Development, Automotive, Gaming, Finance, Telecom, Industry, Construction, Air & Space and Media.

The headquarters is in Malmö, Sweden, but two of the group’s companies operate in the Bay Area. Qbiz Inc, founded in San Francisco in 2015, was QGroup’s first company outside of Sweden. Qbiz focuses on Big Data and delivers purpose-built solutions that empower organizations to make smart, data-driven decisions. Data Wise Academy, founded in Menlo Park in 2017, provides high-quality training so that organizations going through digital transformation can embrace new approaches, technologies and possibilities.

QGroup’s rapid growth and success has not gone unnoticed. In 2018, they were awarded a DI Gazelle, a prize where the prestigious business newspaper Dagens Industri acknowledges the fastest growing companies in Sweden. Earlier this year, QGroup made the annual CIO’s Applications Europe Magazine’s top-10 list of companies that are at the forefront of providing Telecom Consulting Services. On QGroup’s client list, one finds notable companies such as Nasdaq, Facebook, Ericsson, IKEA, Sony, Spotify and Airbus.

When asked how QGroup has managed to reach this level of success in such short amount of time, its Founder and Executive Partner, Mikael Kretz, said:

“Since day one, we have aimed to work in a truly disruptive way. We don’t put people in companies, we build companies around people.”

When hiring, QGroup seeks out consultants from the very top of their respective fields and provides the groundwork for them to join forces. The aim is to attract the superstars of IT. One way of doing that is by offering an extensive professional development program, and by creating unique opportunities for consultants based on their previous experience. The methodology is all about unleashing the power of the individual consultant, and the goal is radical growth on both a personal and a professional level.

“It’s by repeatedly shattering the record of our own personal best that we can lead our clients to extraordinary breakthroughs”, said Mikael Kretz.

The typically Swedish mentality of management working for the employees instead of the other way around has become a key factor to QGroup’s success. Mikael Kretz is happy to share that philosophy with other members of the network, and in other ways help Swedish companies establish themselves on the American market. If you are interested in finding out what it’s like to start a company with a Swedish mindset and only hire Americans, reach out to Mikael Kretz at mikael.kretz@qgroup.se.