The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce had its first network event in the Bay Area and it became a success. We at SACC-SF/SV value our network most dearly and want to ensure that our members continuously receive the opportunity to create new business relationships and extend their network. We are delighted to highlight that our “Networking After Work” event was just the new beginning of more coming in-person events again. 

Our “Networking After Work” event was held at 620 Jones in downtown San Francisco on Tuesday, June 20, for three hours, 5 pm-8 pm, with first-class rooftop bars in the city. A spacious heated outdoor terrace helps make this cocktail bar a bustling spot for drinks & food. 

SACC-SF/SV effort was to connect SACC-SF/SV’s new and old members and partners after 18 months of working from home. The purpose of the event was to establish an opportunity to build knowledge, strengthen partnerships and networks through sharing ideas and commitments in an effort to advance on the implementation of sustainable urban development in cities and towns around the globe. 

The networking event explored the topic such as business with an interest in both the American and Swedish markets, technology, start-ups, Swedish food and bakery, investments, consulting, sports and linkage between European chambers and much more!

620 Jones is a rooftop patio spans 8,000 square feet with a hidden horticultural oasis. Our guests were able to order drinks of their choice and enjoy being surrounded by contemporary décor and Australian plantings such as Arbutus Marina trees, and lounge in luxury.

We are thrilled for the first-class network group that came to the event and excited about creating opportunities for new connections in the Bay Area and holding conversations over various topics and work fields. Our vision is to promote a thriving Swedish-American business scene. Therefore, we would like to take the opportunity to express our gratitude to all who came and made the evening rememberable.

Based on the feedback and informal discussion that continued after the event most participants appeared to find the evening valuable, and already there have been some follow-up conversations about some of the ideas and potential collaborative projects. We welcome further feedback on the event and the opportunity to collaborate on submissions where projects align with our interests.

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Last but not least… a pleasant commentary from one of our participants at the event.

“Thank you so much! Almost forgot that “IRL” is so much fun!”

Malin Lindholm
Communication & Brand Management