Bernie Sanders seized Super Tuesday’s biggest prize with a victory in California, the state with the most delegates. Keys to the success: Latinos and young urban voters.

As soon as polls closed in California, The Associated Press called Bernie Sanders the winner of the biggest prize on Super Tuesday, based on exit polls and early votes. The question after that was how big the victory would be.

“The candidate who wins in California has an excellent chance to win the Democratic nomination, and our volunteers have knocked more than a million doors in the state”, Sanders said when he visited San Jose last Sunday.

Sanders’ victory in California is, according to the first analysis of the results, built on a base of young people and Latinos.

Sanders started Super Tuesday the undisputed Democratic front-runner. Still, even if he scored the night’s biggest delegate-prize in California, he scored just three other decisive victories, winning his home state of Vermont, along with Utah and Colorado. Instead, Joe Biden became the big Super Tuesday winner.

So, if the winner in California will be the one taking on president Trump is still to be seen.

Sources: AP, MSNBC, SF Chronicles