ScandiAnna, with founder Anna Braanemark, is a new business partner to SACC-SF/SV
Photo by Beatrice Braanemark

Anna Braanemark, the founder of ScandiAnna, moved to the US from Sweden in 2015. After a couple of years as CEO of a MedTech Company specializing in osseointegration, she decided to completely change career path and start an online clothing company promoting Scandinavian fashion. Said and done. Since yesterday, September 17, is open for business!

Anna Braanemark has an interesting background in Healthcare and Medical Technology. She is a registered nurse, she is married to Dr. Rickard Brånemark who is the founder and owner of a medical company providing ground-breaking systems for bone-anchored prostheses, and she is a daughter-in-law to the acknowledged Swedish physician and research professor, Per-Ingvar Brånemark, touted as the “Father of Modern Dental Implantology”. Hence, it was only natural that Anna Braanemark ended up in the MedTech business herself. But her passion throughout her whole life has been clothes and fashion and now her dream of starting a business in fashion has finally come true.

“ScandiAnna is a store with clothes I love and believe in. Clothes that are stylish, with nice details to make them so beautiful and unique that you want to use them for a long time”, said Anna Braanemark.

The goal is to provide Scandinavian fashion for women in different ages, and help them find a style they love and outfits they will want to wear for a long time. The online store will have a very personal touch, where Anna Braanemark herself will be engaging with her customers and offer styling tips and advice. She will also host events at her house in San Mateo where women can come and try on different outfits, chit chat and have a drink.

“Clothes are so much more than fabric you dress your body in, it can contribute to make one feel confident and happy. Putting on clothes is a thing we do every day so why not make it fun?”, said Anna Braanemark.

Considering the ecological footprint of the fashion industry, sustainability is important to Anna Braanemark. Therefore, ScandiAnna only offers clothes from companies committed to sustainable production and development, such as Odd Molly, Depeche and Mos Mosh. The garments have to be of good quality so that they last a long time, and they should have a secondhand value. ScandiAnna also aims to minimize the usage of plastics in packaging.

We are not 100 % sustainable – yet – but we are trying every day to make choices that are good for the future of our planet”, said Anna Braanemark.

Having started her second company in four years, Anna Braanemark stresses the importance of having a great network in order to succeed, a network where everybody helps each other. She hopes that the SACC network will help her reach out to a larger audience and market her business. She would be happy to contribute to the network if members need to borrow outfits or accessories for events et cetera. So make sure to mingle with Anna Braanemark at one of our upcoming networking events.  We can guarantee that you will never find another person with whom you can have a conversation about such varied topics as sustainable fashion and osseointegrated prostheses.