Denise Persson, CMO, Snowflake

Data drives the world! It is generated everywhere, by all of us, and the organizations that make the best use of it, are the winners in their industries. Data is what’s powering AI, self-driving cars, robotics and every digital experience we have. But all that data needs to be stored and analyzed so that companies can use it effectively. That’s where Snowflake Computing comes in!

“We make it easy to bring diverse data together regardless of scale, type, or use, and we deliver rapid analytics by simplifying the data pipeline and delivering scalable performance.”

Denise Persson

Traditional data warehouses are often expensive, inflexible, and complex. Snowflake decided to change all that. Snowflake is a cloud-built data warehouse with a mission to enable every organization to be data-driven. Their business idea is based on three key innovations:

  1. A unique architecture which allows complete elasticity. The three layers, database storage, processing, and cloud services, are all independent from each other and the customers can scale up or down in seconds to only pay for what they use.
  2. A database engine which handles both structured and semi-structured data without the need to convert or transform it before.
  3. Technology which eliminates the need for manual data warehouse management and tuning.

“We can help you deliver a data-driven customer journey in a simple and flexible way, and to a fraction of the cost of a traditional data warehouse since you only pay for what you use.”

Denise Persson

We are proud to have Snowflake in our SACC SF/SV network. And we are very excited to learn more about data at our upcoming event Data & Drinks, which will be hosted at Snowflake’s new head office building in San Mateo on May 7th. Come and listen to Denise Persson and the rest of our expert panel, Emil Eifrem, CEO & Co-founder at Neo4j, Eva Nahari, Director of Product at Cloudera, and Christian Finstad, VP Sales & Customer Success at Meltwater, and learn what this new data-driven economy means to society, and how data is changing the rules in every industry. Read more and buy your tickets HERE.