Maya Strelar-Migotti is a highly accomplished Senior Executive with a consistent history of maximizing revenue and profitability through the effective management of global organizations. Her international experience has included roles of increasing responsibility, culminating in her current role as a Executive Vice President at Marvell Semiconductor, where she oversees Business Organization for Smart Networked Devices and Solutions. Ms. Strelar-Migotti directs 4 Business Units that are developing and bringing to the market cutting edge semiconductor products addressing new growth areas in IoT, Automotive, Networking and Customer Specific Systems on the Chip solutions. As well, Ms. Strelar-Migotti served as Interim Co-CEO of Marvell.

Prior to joining Marvell, Ms. Strelar-Migotti was Head of the Ericsson Silicon Valley and Vice President of the IP and Broadband Development Organization. Ms. Strelar-Migotti held a number of senior executive roles within Ericsson and directed organizations and customer projects in North America, Europe, China and India, with dramatically improved innovation of globally successful products in the IP, Packet, Microwave and Optical Networks.