With the Christmas season around the corner, we are thrilled to announce that Sjoeblom Winery for the first time ever has launched a glögg! And better yet, Sjöblom Glögg is not a mere copy of the mulled wine that Swedes traditionally sip during the holiday season, it is an exquisite upgrade in both taste and quality.

Sjöblom Glögg is made from a 2016 Vintage Syrah, a Napa wine which in quality far exceeds the wines normally used to produce glögg. To that, some 15 spices, including cloves, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, meadowsweet, raisin, and orange zest have been added. The all organic, non-GMO spice mix has been carefully selected by Mike Sjöblom and his team in Sweden to get just the right taste and sweetness. The authentic Swedish flavors are then exported from Sweden to Napa where Mike finalizes the glögg production with his wine.

“All this extra time and work we spent on our glögg production assure our glögg connoisseurs a real Swedish glögg in the US this year”

– Mike says.

This first year, the Napa winery has produced close to 12,000 bottles of glögg, for the U.S. market alone. Considering there are almost four million Swedes in the United States, there is a huge potential market here. You can order Sjöblom Glögg online at www.gloggclub.com but hurry before they run out of stock, the glögg has been getting raving reviews. Also, make sure to buy tickets to our Christmas Luncheon on Dec 7 where we proudly will be serving Sjöblom Glögg.