On TeamLogic IT’s webpage one can read that their comprehensive suite of services includes managed IT services, outsourced IT support, cybersecurity services, cloud, data backup and recovery, business continuity, mobility services, unified communications, relocation services, supplemental IT support, hardware and software, and network and security assessments. Johan Erikson sums it up in a more comprehensive way:

“We provide IT services to small businesses that otherwise only large corporations can afford.”

Johan Erikson, Owner, TeamLogic IT

He explains that it is not economically justifiable to have an IT department until you have a sizeable organization. Even if you have a one-person IT department, that person is more likely to make decisions based on their own knowledge and comfort zone which may not always be in the organization’s best interest. Outsourcing IT saves money and provides small and medium sized companies with the latest competence in all areas of IT services.

TeamLogic IT starts by assessing their clients’ network and security. For instance, they check that virus programs and backup systems work, and that all software is updated. They check their clients’ policies and routines for handling passwords, and that they do not have any unwarranted open ports in their firewalls. They then install an agent to remotely monitor the health of the clients’ computers and provide remote support when needed. The proactive and preventative part of TeamLogic IT’s services is to detect and remediate problems before they become an issue for the end user.

“A company’s IT environment needs regular health check-ups, just like we do. Sometimes you don’t know that you are ill as you don’t have any symptoms.”

Johan Erikson

The Network and Security Assessment is a kind of health check-up that TeamLogic IT will offer all SACC-SF members free of charge. We decided to try it out. Within minutes, Johan Erikson had collected data from our network and computers. The result? Well, let’s just say there’s room for improvement when it comes to our cybersecurity awareness. Luckily, TeamLogic IT also offers SACC-SF members complimentary cybersecurity awareness training.

“A company’s greatest security risk is its employees. Our training makes them more aware of potential risks.”

Johan Erikson

The training consists of simulated phishing attacks and regular emailed cybersecurity trainings and quizzes which take about 5 minutes to complete. It will help identify staff that may need additional training and over time show how the organization reduces its risky behavior as they learn to identify phishing scams and other online threats. The cybersecurity training also includes a dark web scan for compromised credentials. These are important as we all tend to reuse the same password in multiple locations. Once your password becomes public you know it’s time to change it in all the other locations where it is used. TeamLogic IT will offer all SACC-SF members a 3-month trial for this Cybersecurity Training and Monitoring Program.

We can genuinely recommend you to reach out to Johan Erikson at jerikson@teamlogicit.com or call (415) 795-9872 so that you too can take the preventative measures needed to secure your company’s IT health.