Swedish newspaper Dagens Industri this week became the first business publication in the world to publish regular climate indicators on stock market pages.

“The economy of the future will look different to how it has looked traditionally. Sustainability and climate strategy are becoming crucial to investment decisions. By publishing information on companies carbon emissions, Dagens Industri wants to shed light on the progress made and at the same time help investors to gain an idea of different companies work and results in this area”, said Peter Fellman, Editor-in-chief of Dagens Industri and business area manager for DIGroup.

Climate questions are becoming increasingly business-critical. Investors and asset managers are demanding information on climate performance, which is currently neglected by many businesses. Key challenges are the availability of comparable data and the quality of that data.

DI’s Climate Index is a foundation for forward-looking financial journalism and an examination of companies climate work. With the index, Dagens Industri and Aktuell Hållbarhet aim to educate readers on how the impacts of climate transformation affect various business sectors; and what risks and opportunities arise. 

DI Climate index