Texas, female networking, patents and a lot of media attention. At SACC Executive Forum Ann-Christine Langselius told the story about how she managed to raise capital for her company Miraculum.

With the tag line “Fireproofing the world, safely” Miraculum has developed eco-friendly fire safety products that combat solid and liquid fires. 

“We work a lot with cooling, but also with adding preventing features to different material”, said Ann-Christine Langselius, founder and chairman of Miraculum, one of the speakers at SACC Executive Forum in Washington.

The story started 2015 when the founder Ann-Christine Langselius relocated herself, her family and her business to Austin, Texas.

“Texas is a great place to be if you want to do something different. There is a spirit of abundance and openness in Austin, it only took a few weeks before I was serving a board.”

Patents and networking have been two other key components in promoting her business, and for rising the capital needed.

“I have been working closely with a patent lawyer in New York, and I have several networks that have been important, especially my female network.”

The real breakthrough came after Miraculum participated in a number of competitions, which gave them media coverage. Ann-Christine Langselius and Miraculum was featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Wired Magazine and Austin Business Journal.

“It really helped putting us forward. Suddenly the sharks, the real sharks called us and wanted to invest.”

In January 2017 Miraculum raised five million dollars in venture capital, which were used to build their own sustainable factory in Florida.