There is no perfect fit for an approach to climate change. Therefore, Climate Certification launches a new model that helps companies become climate certified and set achievable goals that are in line with the vision and strategy of the whole company.

In the 1950s, Roland Ekstrand noticed a drastic change in nature where wildlife was starting to die out, without any explanation of why. In 1962 the answer came through Rachel Carson’s book “Silent Spring.” This was a wake-up call for Ekstrand, and ever since, he has been politically engaged to stop the pollution of our planet. Through his engagement in different projects grew the idea and foundation of the Swedish Climate Certification. 

“The reason that I do not slow down and simply enjoy retirement, is because even as a retired man, I still have a responsibility as a human being to contribute with my knowledge.”

Roland Ekstrand

Swedish Climate Certification’s goal and vision is to help companies take action against their climate impact in a sustainable and approachable way. Climate change is a significant part of the political context and plays an essential role in business competition. The effects of climate change will affect all businesses, which is why Ekstrand argues that companies will have to become more transparent in their sustainability work.

Individuals are also becoming more aware and selective in their consumption choices based on organizations’ climate impact. Therefore, business leaders will have to acknowledge these changes in competition and demand as costly since it will affect their financial flows and brand value in the long run.

‘‘Few issues can involve as much goodwill as the climate issue. By becoming climate certified, the brand label guarantees to consumers that the company works proactively with these issues and contributes to solving the climate challenges that we are all facing. The future of our climate is the most crucial question, and the choices we make today will set the groundwork for our children and grandchildren’s future.’’

Roland Ekstrand

The trademark strives to create a sustainable society by offering companies and organizations a climate certification of their products and services. The Climate Certificate is currently available as a registered trademark in Sweden, the EU, China, and the U.S.

So, how does a company become certified?

There is no perfect fit for working with climate change. Therefore, the certification process lets the company decide on how to best address the climate question. This is done by a thorough analysis of the company’s activities and by setting up environmental as well as social goals. Based on the evaluation, the organization chooses which methods to work with to reach those goals. After one year, the progress is estimated, and new goals are set for the upcoming year.

Upon becoming climate certified, Climate Certification web-based training prepares the business leader on a ground course of the most critical insight within climate change. According to Ekstrand, the course will lay as a foundation to better understand the climate impact of their actions and help them make proactive decisions. Companies that go through the process of climate certifying their businesses will earn the right to use the trademark as a brand label. 

Become a partner

Roland Ekstrand is happy to be part of the SACC-SF/SV community and is currently looking for potential partners in the U.S. Today, they have innovative partners within different challenge areas, such as Ozonetech, which uses technology to make ozone extract pollution from air and water. Another example is Globe Water, which specializes in removing contamination and dangerous chemicals from the soil, and Koliern builds constructions with self-sufficient energy.

‘‘The more we are, the more companies, organizations, people we will reach with our message ‘‘there is no planet B’’, we must start acting now. By engaging in the climate issue, you will do something good for yourself, your loved ones, and all other fellow human beings on this planet while being financially rewarded for your work.’’ 

Roland Ekstrand

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Roland Ekstrand