The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco & Silicon Valley is pleased to host the event “To Build Successful Teams” with Stefan Görwik. Stefan is a well-known inspirational keynote speaker based in Sweden. He always makes sure to tailor his workshops accordingly to his audience and provides professionalism, enthusiasm, positivity, and high energy to assure a lasting imprint on you and your team. Stefan has had many successful workshops, one with ABB that evolved into a 5-year work mission to upgrade the company culture with thousands of employees. Furthermore, Stefan has also got recognized by newspapers and television such as DN, Di, TV4, and SVT for his workshops. 

In the upcoming event by SACC SF/SV and Stefan, the event invites both leaders and employees. It will be held for three hours and directly shifting your mindset, teamwork, and collaboration. Stefan uses storytelling as an effective technique to paint his message to have a touching impact on his audience and attendees. 

Participants will be offered high valuable tools on how to increase motivation, effective communication, and personalized feedback. They will also learn systematic problem solving, conflict management, how to improve collaboration, commitment, and leadership.

The event activities will be in Swedish. 

The Chamber encourages our members and community to captivate this unique opportunity and be a part of this event with the engaging and inspiring keynote speaker Stefan Görwik. 

To find more detailed information about the event, please sign up or click the link below!