Today, many companies make critical business decisions after analyzing huge amounts of data to uncover and understand trends that will have future impacts on their business. And with the overload of digital information, algorithm-based technologies are an essential part of making sense of it all. VALUENEX provides companies with unique analytics and visualizations of text data through its proprietary algorithms, leading to highly accurate and actionable insight for a wide range of strategic objectives.  

VALUENEX sees potential in Nordic companies using their technology and services.” 

VALUENEX is a big data predictive analytics and consulting services company, powered by proprietary algorithms, machine intelligence, and teams of data scientists and expert analysts. Founded in Tokyo in 2006 and publicly traded from 2018, the company provides solutions for R&D strategy, IP monetization and evaluation, financial investment analyses and leveraging, and technology convergence mapping. With a mission to create knowledge through text data visualizations, VALUENEX’s panoramic-view analytics provides previously unseen insights in thousands of documents precisely clustered and mapped on a single screen. 

 Working with clients across a wide range of industries and business functions, VALUENEX’s panoramic-view analytics platform and expert consulting has led to breakthroughs in IP research and predictive modeling and has grown on the global stage to include 45% of Japanese Fortune 500 as clients, as well as major corporate partners such as Hon da Motors, Panasonic Solution Technologies and Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley. Through advanced capabilities in strategy development, white space extraction, pan-industry or technology specific trend mapping, and comprehensive M&A analyses, VALUENEX continues to hold the top position in the field. 

 We had the pleasure of talking to Jiyoung Choi, Chief Operating Officer at VALUENEX, Inc., based in Palo Alto, Silicon Valley. Her focus is on building the team and expanding the business of VALUENEX, Inc. Jiyoung has over seven years of capital market experience at Morgan Stanley, having built portfolio strategies for financial institutions and operating entities. She holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Yale University and a Master’s Degree in Chemistry and Biotechnology from The University of Tokyo. She is versed in Korean, Japanese, English, and Chinese. She has a passion for creating and sharing knowledge to make the world a better place, which is why she is enthusiastically spreading VALUENEX’s value. 

The VALUENEX advantage:


With high-precision analyses factoring up to 60 million dimensions, reveal unseen trends and correlations.  

By studying white space – or underdeveloped areas – find new potential for innovation and game-changing opportunities.  

See your competitors’ changes in direction of business focus areas before they even realize it.  


Visualize industry evolutions and understand which fields are seeing rapid growth and emergence of new technologies or product needs.  

On the VALUENEX website (linked below) you can browse through reports, case studies and presentations by VALUENEX members and affiliates and be inspired. You can learn more about how its services are applied for white space detection, technology convergence mapping, R&D strategy planning, M&A due diligence, predictive modeling, and much more.   

We are pleased to announce that SACC-SF/SV webinar together with our partner @ipscreener where VALUENEX shared some thoughts on using AI tools, is now uploaded to our YouTube channel!
Listen to Jiyoung talk about AI, from improving the ideation and review process to transforming innovation knowledge into capital. 

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Jiyoung Choi: 

Malin Lindholm
Communication & Brand Management