iGoMoon“Our mission is to change the industry Rocket by Rocket” – Mattias Gronborg, Co-founder and CEO.

The story begins back in January 2010 in Stockholm Sweden, when Mattias Gronborg and Robert Nyberg created social media and search strategies for their clients. They discovered that for many of their clients it was difficult to implement the new strategies, as the client’s websites weren’t adapted for search, mobile and social media.

Jonas Gold had already started a WordPress agency. One day he found himself in a meeting with two smiling guys, Mattias and Robert. They described how their ideas often were impeded by bad performing websites. The three guys decided to share knowledge and started to collaborate. As they collaborated they added years of experiences and common backgrounds and so, iGoMoon was founded in the fall 2012.

After having built hundreds of WordPress websites the three guys learned that small and medium sized business struggle to manage their websites. They don’t want a time consuming web project, pasting post it’s and discuss target audiences. They just want a professional website without “agency hustle”. That’s how the Rocket Website became iGoMoon’s core product.

“If you are a small or a medium sized business, iGoMoon is made for you. Our goal is to offer a website product that help you save time and still thrive in the competitive digital world. We know that you went into business to pursue your passion and to help your customers. That’s why our job is to run your website and your job is to run your business”.