Charlotte NordstjernanDear Members & Friends,

It has been my honor to serve as SACC-SF/SV’s Chairwoman for one year. Assuming the leadership of an organization with such a long and rich history, I knew I wanted to find ways to honor this history while seeking out ways to break new ground and reflect the fast changing and dynamic atmosphere which is the Bay Area today.

In this past year, we have increased the Chamber’s membership by a remarkable 100 percent. With SACC events now routinely filled to capacity and with the level of domestic and international business partnerships sharply augmented, networking opportunities for our members have never been higher. And by revamping our website, social media and communications’ process, we can now more effectively facilitate a variety of business ventures.

At SACC, we want to harness an innovative spirit and foster the growth and success of ventures by connecting emerging ideas and people. This is the motivation behind all our events and activities: we want to be a conduit of culture, a facilitator of trade relationships, a transmitter of business acumen and a conveyer of good will in order to promote business and culture.

I would like to extend a warm thank you to both our new members and to our membership for your continued support. It is thanks to your participation and support that we are able to not only continue the programs we have in place but to continually seek out ways to expand our services to members and to the public at large. I would also like to thank our many friends, who make all our events such a pleasure to attend.


Charlotte Danielsson, Esq.