With a view over a blue sunny sky that meets the high clouds in the horizon we are meeting with Mathis Thulin and Samir Smajic in San Francisco Financial District. Mathias and Samir are two out of the four founders of GetAccept, an extremely fast growing company helping sales reps to accelerate and close more deals with smart e-signatures. Both Mathias and Samir were involved in the Swedish Chamber of Commerce when they both were still living in Sweden. So it was natural for them to continue to become a member after they moved here to San Francisco. We are happy to welcome them into the SACC family.


“Our product comes from our own frustration. We wanted to find something that could really improve and make the sales more effective,” said Mathias.

GetAccept is a sales enablement tool helping sales reps to accelerate the sales process by focusing on the sales document workflow. It is an electronic signature tool with document tracking and sales automation made for sales reps.

Firms no longer have to print the document, sign it, scan and send it back. This new innovation and facilitate tool have really expedited sales and make the deals close faster. “Some company we meet, have been using the same old system in over 15 years. We challenge the status quo for many industries where nothing has changed for years. This is where we really can help and innovate, and this is why we become so popular among this companies, that some still uses pen and paper,” explained Mathias.

The team and founders behind this incredibly successful product is very uniquely combined, built on four different talents with different knowledges.

“We are a complete team, with different experience which makes us as to a successful quartet. But what all have in common is that we all want to change something! We want to improve and make a difference.”

All four of them — Mathias, Samir, Carl Carell and Jonas Blanck, are originally from Sweden and some of them have been building companies together before. But the unique team was setup to make sure to have all competences in place to scale fast.

Right now they have 15 employees but they are growing very quickly. When they look for new potential employees they are looking for people that share the same vision and people who want to change things. “It is important for us to keep the Swedish culture and we want to show people where we are originally from. This is one way for us to differentiate ourselves and a way to be remembered. For example, in the clothes we are wearing and in the way we act.” We could just nod in agreement speaking to two happy, very socializing and always with a smile on their lips, wearing one of each colorful shirts to a pair of blue jeans.

After a successful time at Y Combinator, GetAccept has continue growing here in Silicon Valley, the heart of tech industry. Both Samir and Mathias agreed that it is a privilege to be here, continued explaining that one of the best things being here is to work so close to all partners. Having many of the big headquarters just around the corner and possibility to meet up with all partners for a coffee is so valuable, which was not possible in Sweden. “People are also so helpful here, and you always want your partners to succeed as well. There is always a helping hand when you need one.”

“We not only work from 9am to 5pm everyday. We are really passionate for what we are doing. Otherwise, we can not continue in the speed we are doing right now.” Now there is a huge focus in growing in San Francisco. They want to be close in this developing atmosphere and are always very active.

Right now GetAccept has a focus on northern Europe and United States where they mostly sell Business to Business. Their products fit incredibly well with many sales situations and the product spreads organically. The Swedish market has grown really quick and the team has a steady income of new customers.

In Sweden, this is a beginning of a new way to sign document. However, people are not knowledgeable on how to use the product. Therefore, it is important to provide seminars to educate people on the concept.

Both Mathias and Samir agree in that the future is in the company´s hand. They live for the company and they are located at a place where they can give the most to the company. Right now as a startup, this is the right place to be but in the future it might be somewhere else. Only the future can tell….