Nicolai wadstromSACC-SF/SV board member Nicolai Wadström began his career as a software developer and entrepreneur at the age of 10, writing code and building computer games. He moved on to building commercial software at the age of 15 and launched his first technology startup at 22.

Wadström’s startup specialized in digital effects for television and contributed to the success of popular TV shows, including Swedish children’s Christmas show “The Mystery on Greveholm,” The Swedish Eurovision Song Contest and music shows “Musikbyrån” and “Voxpop.”

In the late 90s Wadström launched his second startup VIOMA, a digital media and enterprise software company. Faced with the challenge of finding talent to hire in Northern Europe, Wadström set up Malmö Hacker Academy, a one year educational program for young people wanting to advance their software development skills using state of the art interactive programming technologies for virtual reality and computer games.

Following his early entrepreneurial achievements, Nicolai lent his expertise as an advisor to a number of startups, including cloud-based presentation software Prezi, entertainment professional network Zerply and virtualization platform Witsbits. Today, he helps entrepreneurs build technology startups through accelerator BootstrapLabs.

Having spent nearly twenty years as an international entrepreneur, advisor and investor, Nicolai is familiar with the particular challenges entrepreneurs face in an increasingly global world. With BootstrapLabs he has created a platform for scaling and increasing the competitiveness of early stage startups by relocating the founders to the Silicon Valley and connecting them to top of the notch investors and advisors.

“Although the world has become more and more global, local ecosystems are still important”, says Wadström, “breakthrough ideas are born everywhere around the world — but today you need to be in the Silicon Valley to go big. With BootstrapLabs I want to build bridges between local talents and the global entrepreneurial centre that is the San Francisco Bay Area, so that these entrepreneurs can increase their impact while maintaining their roots in their home countries.”

BootstrapLabs has accelerated $250M+ in startup valuation since 2009, participating startups now employ 200+ people and have raised over $2oM from angel and venture capital investors in Silicon Valley.