Board of Directors

Mikael Loefstrand

Mikael is an established entrepreneur and business value creator with extensive experience in the entire spectrum of business management and expansion and delivering exceptional technology solutions for renowned organizations across Financial Services, Telecommunication and Service Providers, Co-location and Cloud-Based Service Providers, and medium to large scale Enterprises.

He is highly qualified with hands-on experience working as a distinguished Engineer and Chief Technologist at Sun Microsystems with patents including self-configuration systems and highly scalable distributed networking functions.

Mikael has a track record of co-founding Skalera, a software startup company that redefines IT Operations Management with a distributed control system to solve the need for insights and control of infrastructure and applications in cloud and legacy IT environments using a single control system.

He has played a focal role in reducing third-party dependencies in enterprise architecture solutions for customers; accordingly, directed a team to research possible acquisitions, managed due diligence processes and follow-through, and post acquisition to expedite sales by building the organization and delivering apposite field training.