Technology Innovation & Leadership Program

Silicon Valley is all about innovation, taking risks, and constantly striving to change the world with the latest tech.

Dive into this world with the SACC SF/SV mentorship program and boost your innovation and leadership skills.

The SACC SF/SV Mentorship Program for Technology Innovation and Leadership invites you, aspiring leaders ready to drive innovation for Swedish companies, to an exclusive mentorship program offering a unique opportunity for mentorship, leadership development, and networking with prominent leaders in Silicon Valley.

We are looking for visionary and passionate leaders in Swedish technology organizations, both in the private and public sectors, who have at least 5-10 years of experience and an ambition to make a significant impact. This program is tailored for leaders responsible for developing technology and tech businesses, currently working in product, technology, HR, or marketing roles. We welcome individuals of any age, gender or background who:
  • ​​ Are enthusiastic about challenging the status quo
  • Are eager to develop global perspectives
  • Believe in technology's ability to drive growth and change the world
Follow this link for more information and for further questions, please use the contact form.


Deadline: 09/15/2024 (Rolling Admission)
  • Resume
  • Motivational Letter (max 350 words) responding to the following questions:
    • What do you expect to achieve through completion of the program?
    • How will the program help you have an impact in your current business context?
Send your application to
​​​​​​​Participants are selected based on their career background and potential impact.