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Nils Welin

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Nils Welin
Founder & CEO at
ProGuard Security Services
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Nils Welin is the founder and CEO of ProGuard Security Services. Over the past twenty years, Mr. Welin has started and built several successful businesses. Mr. Welin has been an early employee or founder of several different companies in a range of industries including; contract security services, retail, consumer debt collection, and wireless communication. In addition, Mr. Welin worked for a venture capital firm undertaking the due diligence work for several different investment opportunities.
Mr. Welin possesses a unique combination of entrepreneurship, strategic planning, leadership and sales, and marketing skills.

Mr. Welin is the founder and owner of EON Venture as well as ProGuard Security Services. He is actively investing in companies that operate within the security industry or related fields.
Previously, Mr. Welin served as the Chairman of the board for the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce (SACC) from 2006 to 2013.
Mr. Welin is a result-oriented and strategic businessman whose insights and leadership strategies are factually supported. Business decisions are made with the support of underlying data and statistics, but never lose sight of the employees and the human aspect of the business.

He holds a BS in Finance and Economics from Lund University and an MBA from Pacific Lutheran University.