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SACC SF/SVs Mentorprogram

Welcome to Tech Changemakers!

Silicon Valley is all about innovation, taking risks, and constantly striving to change the world with the latest tech. Dive into this world with the SACC SF/SV mentorship program and boost your innovation and leadership skills.

The SACC SF/SV Mentorship Program for Technology Innovation and Leadership invites you, aspiring leaders ready to drive innovation for Swedish companies, to an exclusive mentorship program offering a unique opportunity for mentorship, leadership development, and networking with prominent leaders in Silicon Valley.

​​​​​​​What does it mean to you?

• Leadership skills in navigating innovation in a rapidly changing technology landscape.
• Exclusive Mentorship: Personal guidance from some of Silicon Valley's top leaders.
• Networking Opportunities: Build long-term networks in Sweden and Silicon Valley.

Who are we seeking?

• Visionary leaders and entrepreneurs passionate about challenging the status quo.
• Leaders with global perspectives.
• Leaders who believe in technology's ability to drive growth and change the world.

Apply now for the fall of 2024:

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