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Almost every business – regardless of size, level of development, or country of residence – face cross-border issues and engage in a marketplace that has become global in nature. We were drawn to the global marketplace early in our professional careers and have dedicated our careers to helping grow clients’ businesses across legal systems and business cultures.

We work with culturally diverse partners in solving cross-border issues; reconciling complex multi-jurisdictional laws, regulations, and business norms.  Geographical boundary lines no longer define market reach, and the permeability of boundaries demands that market contenders act globally to protect intellectual property, avoid liability, and maximize economics.

We’re building a cross-border, cross-cultural, and multi-linguistic firm for the 21 st century. We have lived in and worked with clients from major business hubs around the world, including Brussels, Bonn, Cologne, Vienna, London, Stockholm, Paris, Palo Alto, and San Francisco. We have close to five decades of combined experience at leading international law firms, where we advised companies from countries throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Asia in implementing structures that best meet immediate needs while enabling them to anticipate future legal and business trends and nimbly adjust to them.

We help minimize potential liability while preserving business flexibility and pace of expansion. Now resident in the Silicon Valley / Bay Area, we apply the multi-jurisdictional experience gained in countries throughout the world to the new opportunities in markets being created, expanded, and transformed by new technologies and business practices. Through hundreds of cross-border engagements, we have worked closely with legal professionals from many leading law firms around the world. The trusted relationships that we have forged form the basis of a broad international network of experts.