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LiveLeaf Biosciences

LiveLeaf Biosciences

Biotech & Medtech

LiveLeaf Biosciences is a research and development botanical drug platform biotechnology company.

Their primary platform technology was inspired by innate plant immunity that relies on the direct antibacterial activity of polyphenols (among others) and the accumulation of crosslinked phenolic moieties catalyzed by peroxidases forming layers of precipitated polymers that protect injured parts and trap microbes.

To leverage these principles in animals and humans, they use proprietary technology and plant extracts rich in polyphenols to create a polyphenol-peroxide prodrug, LL105, with direct antibacterial activity and serving as a substrate for inflammatory enzymes (peroxidases) released from damaged or dead cells and activated lymphocytes.

The metabolization of the prodrug results in the covalent crosslink of the surrounding molecules that accumulate to create a physical barrier, patch, or instant “molecular bandage” that protects the injured tissue and neutralizes microbes and toxins conferring an unparalleled wound healing and anti-microbial-resistance-free, anti-infective activity (compared to other antibiotics and drugs). 

LiveLeaf is looking for pharmaceutical and commercial partnerships to codevelop or licenses their technology.

To learn more, please visit their website here.