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MeeCable started something profound when our new cable technology came to life.

The technology reduced the magnetic field emitted from the cable in a way that was unknown by established science. Even we doubted the results. But it has been tested, repeatedly, by us and independent EMC laboratories.

The effect is named the TH-effect and is created by our patented manufacturing process, where we galvanically combine an aluminum core with a mesh of copper. When current is applied something happens, a unique, never before observed phenomenon occurs, and the magnetic radiation is reduced to the extent that we achieve better results than even expensive shielded cables.
The cables we manufacture are customized to meet a certain specification, our patented technology results in a low EMI and an improved EMC performance with a reduced leaking magnetic field. Whether you need a cable with low EMI for a solar installation or a base station for the telecommunications industry, our cable is a perfect choice, light, flexible, and easy to install.