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New Alchemy Distilling

Craft distillery in El Dorado Hills

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New Alchemy Distilling is a distiller owned and operated craft distillery in El Dorado Hills, California.

Hailing from a family of winemakers in Sonoma County who continued on in the Biotech world as biochemists, our owners combine a mix of traditional and contemporary distillation practice to craft award winning small-batch spirits. We source local wine to distill into a neutral spirits used for our overproof vodka and as the base for our three gin offerings. We also make a whiskey and aquavit from a mashbill of local heirloom rice, malted barley and rye. Inorder to make our gins and aquavit, our botanicals go through a process of hand-sorting, toasting, and grinding.

​​​​​​​They are then carefully vapor-path distilled, mixed, and deproofed. Each product goes through a process of stripping, rectifying, and vapor distilling before being hand-labeled and bottled onsite at our small distillery. We sell our products to the best restaurants, bars and bottle shops in California, New York, Texas, Colorado and Illinois. Our spirits have consistently won the highest awards in competition, winning numerous best-in-class and double-golds at SF World Spirits Competition, considered to be the most important judging of spirits globally.