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Gunilla Jacobson

Headshot of Gunilla JacobsonHeadshot of Gunilla Jacobson
Gunilla Jacobson
Deputy Director, Molecular Imaging Program at Stanford University School of Medicine
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Gunilla Jacobson is an Associate Professor in chemistry, working in the interdisciplinary fields of nanomedicine, nanotechnology, and biotechnology. At the Department of Pediatrics at Stanford, she is developing targeted drug delivery systems. She is also an Affiliated Scientist at the Molecular Sciences Institute, an independent, non-profit research laboratory with a mission to create a platform for scientists and entrepreneurs to perform proof-of-concept experiments and spin out commercial efforts in drug development and novel material.

With 20 years of research experience from academia, start-ups, and industry, Ms. Jacobson has a vast knowledge of how to successfully conduct interdisciplinary research projects across all these platforms. Ms. Jacobson has a B.S from the University of Colorado, Boulder, a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Uppsala University, was a postdoc at the University of Texas, Austin, and now holds the title of Docent in Chemistry at Uppsala University. She has lived in the US for a total of 23 years, 12 of those in Silicon Valley.