While many businesses are affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, ALTEN USA has successfully adapted to remote operations with a unique delivery model and locations across the US, as well as access to international talent pre and post-Covid.

ALTEN USA, earlier known as XDIN, is a leader in engineering and technology consulting with its roots in the Swedish automotive industry. In 2008 they initially came together with the French consultancy company ALTEN Group, which specializes in providing engineering and technological expertise. Today the group is active in many different sectors such as Automotive, Rail, Energy, Life science, Aerospace, IT, and Telecoms. The company is as well thriving in its process of rearranging to remote operations, while at the same time remaining accessible to their clients’ tailored needs and technological development.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the recent executive order has affected many businesses and professionals to adapt to new ways of doing business. The need for high flexibility and remote services has become even more so vital. Therefore, ALTEN USA is actively offering E2 visas to Swedish and EU engineering talents. Through their internal network and talent pool, they can quickly relocate consultants to Swedish companies and others in the U.S.

Our pitch has foremost been towards European companies with the connection to the EU and E2 visa for Swedish and French citizens. However, most American companies are as well interested in the European touch since they have access to a larger resource pool. European engineers are therefore desirable on the American market.’’

Mattias Khilman, Executive Vice President at ALTEN USA.

ALTEN has already successfully created job opportunities for Swedish engineers abroad. The organization emphasizes mobility across countries and continents to support its customers in global projects with talents from multiple countries. Therefore, they also hire local US engineers for full-time permanent employment and handles H1b and TN visas as well.

As a member of SACC-SF/SV, they are looking to connect with Swedish companies and professionals and therefore reaching out to Swedish directors/ managers that are either established or in their start-up mode. According to ALTEN USA, in those phases, the E2 visa model is key for companies that are in the process of building up their engineering teams. 

“SACC has been a great support for XDIN (ALTEN USA) over the years. We started with only a few people in 1997, and now we are over 300 engineers. Many of the relationships with customers we are working with today have started through SACC, and we want to continue to be an important piece of the Swedish-American network.”

Mattias Khilman, Executive Vice President at ALTEN USA.

ALTEN USA has an engineering culture and a talented team in a highly technological environment based on creativity, innovation, and trouble-shooting. Members of SACC-SF/SV who are interested in finding international talents or advice are welcome to contact Mattias Khilman.